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Farooky Tooth Powder 80GMS

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This Herbal Tooth Powder has Numerous Benefits:

  • 💫 Double the Sparkle: The 80g Farooky Tooth Powder promises sparkling teeth for a longer duration. More product, more confidence, and more dazzling smiles!
  • 🌿 Long-Lasting Natural Oral Care: This 80g pack ensures prolonged dental hygiene with 100% natural and vegan ingredients. Your teeth deserve the best care, and we provide it.
  • 🍃 Bad Breath Buster: Get long-lasting freshness and bid adieu to bad breath. With the 80g Farooky Tooth Powder, freshness is just a brush away!
  • 🦷 Extended Tooth Decay Protection: Get longer protection from tooth decay with our 80g pack. Keep your teeth healthy and strong with consistent use of Farooky Tooth Powder.
  • 🩸 Bigger Pack, Better Gum Health: The 80g Farooky Tooth Powder pack means extended relief from bleeding gums. Strengthen your gums and keep them healthy for longer!
How to Use
  • First, thoroughly massage Farooky Tooth Powder onto the gums and teeth with the help of your finger. It will help the herbal effects to penetrate deep inside.
  • Then, brush your teeth with the help of normal toothbrush to remove food debris or particles stuck inside the cavities or in between the teeth.
  • Rinse your mouth with water.
  • Do this procedure twice a day to get good and instant results.


Prepared Using Natural Ingredients
AJWAIN: 14.67%
TUMAR BEEJ: 13.06%
ALUM: 4.57%
SALT: 22.58%
CLOVE: 0.32%
RED OCHRE: 2.17%

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Size: Pack Of 4

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🌿 Experience the Herbal Revolution in Oral Care with Farooky Tooth Powder - Your Route to a Healthier Smile! 💫
🌿 Experience the Herbal Revolution in Oral Care with Farooky Tooth Powder - Your Route to a Healthier Smile! 💫
🌿 Experience the Herbal Revolution in Oral Care with Farooky Tooth Powder - Your Route to a Healthier Smile! 💫
Kills Germs Efficiently:

Farooky Tooth Powder harbours powerful anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, and anti-viral properties, ensuring a germ-free oral environment, thereby drastically reducing the risk of infections.

Relieves Pain & Reduces Inflammation:

Experience immediate relief from toothaches and inflammation. Its potent ingredients work synergistically to alleviate redness, pain, and swelling, promoting a healthier oral cavity.

Preserves Natural Taste Perception:

Unique to Farooky Tooth Powder, it doesn't alter the taste of food items consumed post its usage. Enjoy your meals without any shift in flavor, a testament to the product's harmonious formulation.

Promotes Whiter, Shinier Teeth:

Bring back the confidence in your smile with noticeably whiter and shinier teeth. The herbal formulation not only cleans but polishes your teeth, showcasing a radiant smile that leaves a lasting impression.

Harness the Power of Herbal Excellence with Farooky Tooth Powder



Frequently Asked Questions

Get quick insights into Farooky Tooth Powder's benefits, usage, and certifications through our concise and informative FAQ section. Your pathway to a healthier smile just got simpler.

What are the main ingredients in Farooky Tooth Powder, and what benefits do they offer?

Farooky Tooth Powder is crafted using a blend of natural ingredients, each offering unique benefits for your oral health:

  1. Ajwain (14.67%): Known for its antimicrobial properties, it helps in reducing toothache and infections.
  2. Chirongi Chilka (21%): Traditionally used to strengthen the gums and fight bacteria.
  3. Tumar Beej (13.06%): Contributes to reducing inflammation and combating oral pathogens.
  4. Sangzeera (21%): Possesses antioxidant properties, offering protection against gum diseases.
  5. Alum (4.57%): Helps in tightening gums and making teeth strong.
  6. Salt (22.58%): Acts as a natural cleanser that helps in whitening teeth and soothing irritated gums.
  7. Clove (0.32%): Renowned for its analgesic and antibacterial properties, offering relief from toothache and gum infections.
  8. Black Pepper (3.14%): Aids in reducing inflammation and pain.
  9. Cardamom (0.32%): Freshens breath and promotes healthy oral flora.
  10. Red Ochre (2.17%): Utilized for its antiseptic properties, aiding in the prevention of gum diseases.
  11. Cinnamon (0.32%): Acts as a natural antibacterial agent, helping to maintain oral hygiene.
  12. Eucalyptus Oil (6.04%): Known for its antiseptic properties, it helps in freshening breath and preventing gum diseases.
How should I use Farooky Tooth Powder for optimal results?

For optimal results, follow these steps twice a day:

  1. Massage: Begin by massaging the Farooky Tooth Powder onto your gums and teeth using your finger. This process enables the herbal benefits to penetrate deeply, promoting healthier gums and teeth.
  2. Brushing: After massaging, use a soft toothbrush to brush your teeth, aiding in the removal of food particles that might be stuck in cavities or between the teeth.
  3. Rinse: Finish by rinsing your mouth thoroughly with water.

By following this regimen diligently, you can expect to see significant improvements in your oral health.

Are there any testimonials verifying the benefits of Farooky Tooth Powder?

Absolutely, the efficacy and benefits of Farooky Tooth Powder are substantiated by hundreds of satisfied customers who have shared their testimonials. These reviews are a testament to the product's effectiveness in maintaining oral hygiene and treating various oral health issues.

Are there any side effects associated with using Farooky Tooth Powder?

Farooky Tooth Powder is formulated with natural ingredients, and it is not known to have any side effects. It is a safe and herbal solution for maintaining optimal oral health. However, as with any product, individual reactions may vary, and it's recommended to use it as directed for the best results.

Does Farooky Tooth Powder hold any certifications or licenses?

Yes, Farooky Tooth Powder is certified and licensed by several organizations attesting to its quality and safety. It holds the Ayush License, GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) License, FSSAI (Food Safety and Standards Authority of India) License, among others, ensuring it meets the highest standards for herbal products.

What is the return and replacement policy for Farooky Tooth Powder?

We stand behind the quality of our product. If you receive a product that is damaged in any form, we accept returns and replacements to ensure your complete satisfaction. Please refer to our return policy for detailed information on how to proceed with a return or replacement.